Stairs & Rails Designs

Using proprietary software, we can provide quick stair / rail designs, giving the customer the information necessary to expedite the detailing / purchasing process.

  • Visual indicator of pass / fail elements.
  • Plan / Elevation of area being designed for reference.
  • List of member / material sizes used.
  • And much More!

Standard / Simple Connections and Bracing Design

Using RISA and Tekla-Link, RAM, and other software, we can provide general
structural bracing design and calculation packages on all structural connections

Complete Structural Design from Start to Finish

Our Structural Design experience and integration with industry leading Steel Detailing software has demonstrated Ingenia Design’s ability to provide full structural design from the ground up on Local, State and Federal jobs.

The Opportunity and the Results

  • Know that your work is handled by experienced, U.S.A. based Engineers.
  • Have confidence that Ingenia Design has the knowledge and capability to support your projects.
  • No Job Too Small
  • Federal Registered Woman Owned Business